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Since 2008, LED Innovations in Edmonton has provided consumers with completely customizable LED lighting solutions for home and businesses alike. We pride ourselves in bringing energy efficient lighting to your doorstep by utilizing the power of LEDs which provide energy savings to you as well as security and beauty to each project.

From fixtures that illuminate your home to commercial exterior lighting, LED Innovations will customize our products to fit your vision. As you search through our website you will see the creative potential and our desire to customize every job to fit your vision.

Our goal is to help you put your ideas into action; no matter what your ideas are, we can help. There are endless possibilities that we can provide to our customers with a product that will not leave them disappointed. Whether it's Outdoor LED Lighting, Interior Lighting, lighting for your Business. Any and all types of lighting is our specialty. 




Renee Girard - Quality Sign Services
Relationship: Client
Project Date: October 2016
I have found that over the years LED Innovations provides professional service with a product knowledge and quality which is on top of industry standards. If you can dream it they will put it together for you in a cost effective satisfying way.

Walcher Brothers Landscaping
Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2015
Project Price: $1,000 - $9,999
We have been working with LED Innovations for the past year, they are great to work with, and have a great ability to come up with creative solutions.
Last spring we presented them with a new product idea, they ran with it, and now we supply and they install all of our outdoor lighting. Our one of a kind paver patio lights would not have been as successful without their input and expertise.

Ron and Marilyn Steers
Relationship: Client
Project Date: April 2017
Project Price Range: less than $1,000
We went to LED looking for a solution for our dark bedroom 

that wasn't a new window or skylights. Within minutes Adolfo 

produced an creative and attractive solution of a linear wall 

sconce (with a remote dimmer switch) that is not only attractive

but provides significant indirect light.. It was installed the next 

day by a professional service man (Rob) and we are thrilled with 

the product and by the service.

Jordan Berard

Relationship: Client

Project Date: April 4 2019

Project Price Range: less than $500.00 

LED Innovations is Edmonton's best LED supplier by a long shot!

I have been an electrician for almost a decade and knew LED's would be the next big jump in our service, the biggest problem we had is the manufactured products would be expensive for what they did and they would be bulky or inefficient.

LED Innovations live up to their name by creating whatever I could dream up in shop instead of going through a manufacturer. They also build their products fast when I usually have to wait 2 or more weeks to get a custom product built. Better yet, they beat prices on some products by 50%!!!! I would be ecstatic if they just did that but to top it off they have an incredible service too, I was treated like family from the first day I walked into their show room.

Thank you LED Innovations!! You are a company I will be working with for life. Keep being amazing😄