If we choose to switch to LED Lighting does that mean we have to get everything new?

 No. Here at LED Innovations, we do have some fixtures that we carry that are specifically used as a Retro-Fit. Because it is sometimes difficult to find a Retro-Fit that will fit exactly we also take your old fixture and make a customized Retro Fit that can fit into your fixture perfectly. 

How long do LED's Last?

 The approximate lifespan is 25-50,000 hours. But this is dependent on how much, how long and which LED's are used.

Where can I put LED Lighting in my home?

 They possibilities are endless. Here at LED Innovations we have a variety of products to ensure our customers can find what they're looking for. And if they can't find an 'Over-the-counter' fixture we have, there is always an option for a customized product. For example, we have many commercial products, and then we have our customized ones. From Bulbs and LED Tubes, to custom made Waterfall Modules and Landscape lighting.

Isn't LED Lighting more expensive than a more traditional bulb?

They are more expensive, but what customers need to keep in mind is their extended lifetime compared to a regular light. Not only that, but also how they are more efficient, environmentally friendly, and provide you with more light.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

 We use an Eco Friendly UVPoxy. It cures clear, is UV resistant, and has a glass like finish that resists scratching and yellowing. Any LED's that are being installed in a moist area or outside is coated or encased in this epoxy depending on where the product is being installed or used.