Our Services

Residential Exterior



When it comes to the exterior of your home, it's something you want to be proud of.

We can do the install or we can provide our customers with Accent Light Packages. With the option between single colors, and RGB. Our accent lights just snap into your fascia, they are easy to move around and add in, and they cause no damage.

Not only can you use these fixtures to give your home  a more modern look, but they can also  increase security. With a photocell, it ensures that your lights are on all night, leaving your home illuminated and strangers away. 

Residential Interior



Beautifying your home on the outside is one thing, but when it comes to the interior... it's a whole different ball park.

There isn't a room that we can't do lighting for; from bathrooms, kitchens, theater rooms, bedrooms, etc. Whether it is a product we bring in or custom make.

From products like down lights, surface mounted fixtures, bulbs, linear lighting.

Custom lighting can also be incorporated into your home, adding a unique and beautifying look to the interior of your home. 

Landscape Lighting



Landscape lighting has become very popular lately, We have combined the look of the common everyday fixtures and added a custom twist on them; making them one of a kind. Our landscape series is always growing, as we create more and more products.   

And all of our landscape fixtures are made here in our shop. From bollards, waterfall mods, spot and stake lights, deck lighting, garden lights, patio stones, retaining wall stones, etc. 

Commercial Exterior



When it comes commercial lighting, we use a lot of our bigger fixtures. For example, our flood lights, high bays, wall packs, and wall washers.

These fixtures give off a great deal of light in an energy efficient way. 

Commercial Interior



This where commercial and residential interior overlap. Because a lot of the products can be used in many environments. Especially when it comes to custom lighting! Then you are left with an endless amount of possibilities.   

With commercial lighting, our products will be a little more professional and sophisticated. 

Custom Lighting


 Custom lighting has become one of the company's favorite things to do. It gives us a fun challenge and lets us explore new elements and possibilities of LED Lighting.