Why you should make the switch to LED Lighting...

  1. They are Energy Efficient : 

LED Lighting requires a fraction of the energy that an incandescent lighting does.

2. They have a longer Lifespan : 

Because an LED uses far less more energy then an incandescent, this gives them the ability to last longer. Which will save you more money when it comes to your electricity bill.

3. They can create a variety of Different Colors : 

With the RGB option  the color options for LED Lighting are infinite. As well you have dimmable and color temperature options.

4. They can be extremely Versatile

LED Lighting can be used anywhere with the right adjustments. Here at LED Innovations we specialize in customizing our lighting and insuring we can give our customers an excellent product for whatever they need.

5. They are Environmentally Friendly : 

LED Lighting and fixtures do not contain any hazardous materials, and they are recyclable.

6. They are Silent

LED Lighting and Fixtures do not emit any sort of sound or radio frequency interference.

7. Their start up Time

LEDs can light up to their full potential in microseconds.

8. They are incredibly Safe

LEDs are very durable decreasing the likelihood of breakage or damage. As well with their decrease in heat emission, you don't have to worry about burning yourself when it comes to changing the bulb or fixture.